The Great Northwest Glass Quest -
February 15 - 24, 2019

10 Days in Search of Art

The Great Northwest Glass Quest is the greatest art treasure hunt in the Pacific Northwest.

Come to Camano Island and Stanwood to hunt for the clue balls that lead you to win a hand-blown glass ball by world-renowned glass artists, Mark and Marcus Ellinger.

Glass Quest attracts some 10,000 “questors” to the region over the 10-day event.

The plastic clue balls are in businesses, in parks, and other public places.  Find one of the plastic balls and you’ll find inside instructions on how to exchange the clue ball for the real thing!

But, where to look?  You’ll want your copy of the guide, which comes out a few weeks before the event.

Get the guide and other important details at the official website here…

Meet the Artists Who Create the Floats!

Mark and Marcus Ellinger of Glass Quest Studios of Stanwood are the artists behind the glass floats that are the objects of Glass Quest.

They make several hundred of them, each are stamped with a special seal marking them as one of the official floats.

It takes just a few moments to make one of these pieces of art.  Of course, it took years to craft the skill to create these pieces.

Watch the Video!

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