Camano Historic Sites Tour – March 24 – 26, 2017

When settlers first came here and travel was either on boat or on foot, the islands of Puget Sound were among the first places settled. Many of the remnants of those early years live on and, courtesy of the Camano Island Historic Sites Group, Camano Island is showing them off!

Sites Open March 25 & 26
10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

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  • Camano Lutheran Church
  • Camano Pioneer Cemetery
  • Kristoferson Farm
  • South Camano Grange
  • Mabana Schoolhouse
  • Camano Island State Park
  • Cama Beach Historical State Park
  • Camano Island Inn
  • Camano City Schoolhouse
  • Utsalady Historic Vista Point
  • Utsalady Ladies Aid
  • English Boom
  • Floyd Norgaard Cultural Center

Camano City Schoolhouse – built 1906 – Listed on the WA Heritage Register 2014.

Event Schedule
Friday, March 24

6 pm-8 pm

Snapshot in time at Cama Beach Historical State Park, Cama Center. Old Movies, Logging History and Resort History. Discover Pass required to park.

Saturday, March 25
10 am-4 pm
all sites open Camano Island and in Stanwood
8 am-11 am
Breakfast at South Camano Grange. Price $8.00
10 am-11 am

A Day in the Life of a 1916 Mabana School Student.
History lesson on a blackboard, art projects & cookies for good work! Also at 3-4

12 pm-2 pm
Lunch for History Tour Camano Island Inn. Reservations required
1 pm-2 pm
Vintage Pump Organ music Camano Lutheran Church
2 pm-3 pm
Play – “Maude and the Kids a Phoney History” Camano City Schoolhouse
6 pm-7 pm
Light Dinner.  No charge for first 50 guests.  Proof of Tour and Reservations Required.
Cama Beach Historical State Park, Cama Center – Discover or Day Pass required for parking
7 pm-9 pm
Square Dance, Live music and caller. Center for Wooden Boats – Cama Beach Historical State Park. Discover or Day Pass required for parking.

Sunday, March 26
10 am-4 pm
all sites open Camano Island and in Stanwood
8:30 am &
11:00 am

Services at Camano Lutheran Church Special Community Service

12 pm-1 pm

A Day in the Life of a 1916 Mabana School Student.

1:30 pm-3 pm
The History of Camano Island, local speaker. Camano City Schoolhouse, 993 Orchid Road.
3 pm

Drawing for Passport Prizes Camano City Schoolhouse 993 Orchid Road .
Must be present to win History Mystery & History Hints Contests


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The Camano Island Historic Sites and Map is your guide to Camano Island's history and how you can find traces of it today.