Langley Mystery Weekend

February 25 – 26, 2017
A Whole Town Whodunnit!

A clown looks into the distance as two children ask him questions.

Kids question a suspect in the 2015 mystery, “No Laughing Murder.”

Langley Mystery Weekend features a whole town as the scene for a mystery for amateurs to solve! And the town has been doing this for several decades! A new creative mystery unfolds each year and visitors search for clues inside stores, and question suspects on the streets of Langley. Around that sleuthing, visitors also sneak in a little shopping and a little sightseeing in “The Village by the Sea.”

A man in a hat and holding a blue furry puppet answers questions from a woman.

Interrogating a “suspect” at Langley Mystery Weekend.

The mystery unfolds each Saturday morning, with a crime scene and a murder victim. Who did what? Who saw what? It’s all tongue-in-cheek fun. The only real crimes are some awful puns and some silly costumes. By the afternoon, the coroner’s report details the crime and offers new clues. By Sunday afternoon, the case is solved, the “villain” identified and visitors have spent a happy weekend in the scenic town of Langley.

The mystery is often an opportunity for satire and no topic is safe.  Our sources say this year’s mystery is…. well, still a mystery!  But they’re out there, plotting.  Stay tuned.