Filming at the Camano Island State Parks

Camano Island is home to Cama Beach State Park and Camano Island State Park. Both are stunningly situated on the coast, overlooking the Salish Sea and Whidbey Island beyond.

Camano Island State Park

Camano Island State Park has ample camping available and offers 6,700 feet of rocky shoreline and beach. It is a great place for fishing and shellfish harvesting.

Cama Beach State Park

Cama Beach State Park was originally created as a family beach resort in the 1930s. It remained a popular vacation spot for decades, finally closing in the late 80s due to changing travel styles. Now that this area is under State Park management, the row of quaint wooden cabins that line the beach are available to rent once more. There is also a Center for Wooden Boats, which hosts many events and festivals throughout the year.
To learn more about the parks visit, or contact Debra Bell. State Parks have a fairly stringent film permitting policy, and fees are based upon the duration of the event as well as the impact the event has on the park involved.

Contact Information:

Debra Bell
Cama Beach/Camano Island State Parks
[email protected]

State Permitting Package

This is where to get a copy of the rules and requirements for filming on Washington State Park property


Remember to contact both:

  • Debra Bell - Camano Island State Park
  • Sherrye Wyatt - Island County Film Liaison

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Download Permit

This is where to get a copy of the permit required by Washington State Parks.


Remember to contact both:

  • Jack Hartt - Park Ranger
  • Sherrye Wyatt - Island County Film Liason

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