Ebey's Landing National Historic Reserve

Imagine filming in a national reserve where people live and work. The region embraces both the 19th and 21st centuries, preserving a rural lifestyle and frontier town atmosphere for more than 100 years. That is Ebey's Landing National Historic Reserve.

A Unique Partnership and Park

Ebey’s Landing National Historic Reserve is the result of a unique partnership among Washington State Parks, the Town of Coupeville, Island County, and the National Park Service. There is no other place quite like this in all the country! The nearly 18,000 acres of Ebey’s Landing includes three State Parks, some National Park Service land, and more than 85% of it is privately owned. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, this is a magical area with a long history and a wealth of natural beauty.

Beaches, Bluffs, Prairie, and Farms

Some of the features of the area include views of the long sweeping beaches with mountains poking over the skyline, dramatic bluffs rising up to an open prairie, historic farmland and structures, and a lovely hillside cemetery. Scenic roads wind throughout; leading to a lighthouse, ferry port, and two historic military forts.

Getting Permission to Film

Due to the complex nature of land ownership in the Reserve, filmmakers are encouraged to contact the office of the trust board with questions. Staff here will be able to offer advice and information, as well as direct your enquiries to the proper channels. The correct governing body will depend on the area you are interested in filming. Please note that no drones are to be launched or controlled from Federal Land, which makes up 413 acres of the reserve.

Contact Information:

Marie Shimada, Reserve Manager
Trust Board of Ebey's Landing
National Historical Reserve
PO Box 774
Coupeville, WA. 98239
360-678-6084 office
[email protected]