Filming at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island

Located north of Oak Harbor, Whidbey NAS encompasses over 7,000 acres. This base is the only one in the world to operate the Growler series of jets.

With 2400 civilian personnel, 7400 military, and their families, this base has all the amenities you’d expect and more. As well as housing, entertainment, and healthcare facilities, you’ll find state-of-the-art training facilities, flight simulators, airplane hangars, and more. The historic seaplane base includes old command stations and a World War II era hangar. There is even a beautiful seaside RV park and campground, for active or retired military families.

Naturally there are strict guidelines for filming within the base, but it is possible. To film here, or to use any Navy resources, all inquiries must go through the Navy Office of Information-West, based in Los Angeles. For local information specific to this base, please contact Mike Welding, Public Affairs Officer. Even if your production is just happening in the area it is a good idea to make contact, as base personnel will have important information on things like the use of drones in the area (which includes a lot of restricted air space), or flight training schedules so that you can plan your audio accordingly.

Contact Information

NAV Info West
Mike Welding, Public Affairs Officer
(360) 257-2286
[email protected]