To Camano Island

With no ferries and only a small bridge, Camano island is an easy escape by car.


From Seattle-Tacoma, and points south

Drive north on Interstate 5 and take exit 212 west toward Camano Island. Stay on this road and pass through Stanwood. Continue over the Camano Bridge to enter the island.

From Bellingham, Vancouver, and points north

Drive south on I-5 and take exit 212 west toward Camano Island.


Although an island, the body of water that separates Camano Island from the mainland is very narrow. This makes the island an easy-to-get-to place with few traffic issues.

However, that road is the only way to drive on or off the island. So, if your final destination is at the southern end of Camano island, be sure to allow enough drive time to easily make it to your destination on time.

Camano Island has no towns, so every address is Camano Island, WA. However, that does not mean there are no commercial areas. Camano Center at Terry’s corner and along Camano Dr. have many markets and shopping areas.

The road layout heading south on Camano Island makes for an ideal car, motorcycle or bicycle loop.