Driving Between Whidbey and Camano Islands

It's a beautiful drive between Whidbey and Camano Islands.  It takes between 2 and 2 1/2 hours, depending on your destination.

During the drive you'll experience:

  • Deception Pass State Park
  • The rich agricultural land of the Skagit River delta
  • View wildlife, especially birds, as you pass near special wildlife viewing areas
  • Pass near the communities of Anacortes, Mt. Vernon, and La Conner
  • Pass through the town of Stanwood


From Camano Island to Whidbey Island via the Rural Route

Take Highway 532 off of Camano Island, through the town of Stanwood. Turn left onto the Pioneer Highway. At the traffic roundabout, take it to the left and travel through the small town of Conway and onto Fir Island Road. Continue on Fir Island Road as it curves left and becomes Best Road. When you reach Highway 20 turn left. You are now on the Cascade Loop. Continue on Highway 20 until the intersection where it splits into two directions (straight will take you to Anacortes, left will take you to Whidbey Island). Turn left. Drive across Fidalgo Island and across Deception Pass Bridge onto Whidbey Island.

Note: As you approach Deception Pass Bridge, you may wish to pull over safely at one of the turn outs to take a photograph or to walk across the bridge.

From Camano Island to Whidbey Island via the Freeway Route

Whidbey Island is 42 miles (68 kilometers) from Camano Island. Drive Highway 532 off Camano Island, through Stanwood. Travel east onto Interstate 5. Drive North on Interstate 5. Take exit 230 onto Highway 20, which puts you on the Cascade Loop. Turn left at the Whidbey Island Deception Pass exit and drive onto the island.