Transformative Destinations Program

New Norms

Destinations worldwide are adapting to new norms.


Embracing sustainability, deepening commitment to protect natural and cultural heritage.


Reimagining our approach to tourism and how to measure success.


Transformational Travel and Regenerative Tourism are catalysts for this evolution.

Balance Needs

There’s a desire to balance the needs of nature, communities, and the economy

Early Adopter

Whidbey & Camano Islands Tourism
Early Adopter in 2022!


Transformative Destinations Objectives


EMPOWER destination stakeholders to transform our visitor economies and improve long-term resident, traveler, and environmental well-being.


PROMOTE the transition to a transformational economy at a destination level through the development and implementation of a framework to foster Regenerative Tourism.


SUPPORT participating Early Adopter destinations worldwide to be recognized as global pioneers and leaders within the emergent transformational travel philosophy.



  • Onboarding | January - February 2022

    Preparation Phase: Setting the participants up for their Journey

  • Introspection | March - May 2022

    Conceptual Phase: Understanding the theory around transformation and regeneration and opening our minds, hearts, and will.

  • Bridging | June - August 2022

    Experiential Phase: Let go to let come through "Connecting to Source"

  • Expansion | September - October 2022

    Design Phase: Crystallizing and Prototyping

  • Integration | November - December 2022

    Implementation Phase: Performing in destination and reflecting back

  • Ongoing Phase | 2023 Onward

    Mentoring Phase and ongoing implementation: continuing the work in our communities.

Plans for 2022

  • Assess

    Understand how our values and worldviews influence our destination’s impact and guide us through a regenerative journey

  • Design

    Design transformative travel experiences for visitors using the TTC guidelines and frameworks

  • Implement

    Implement regenerative principles that make us thrive based on the Regenerative Tourism Principles

  • Measure

    Measure the degree of sustainability using Green Destination START Assessment tools and the SDGs framework