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“Regenerative tourism aims to restore the harm that our system has already done to the natural world, and by using nature's principles, to create the conditions of life to flourish. It views wholes and not parts, and is a very different way of looking at the world.”
Anna Pollock


We work with destination leaders and stakeholders in cooperatively realizing a regenerative future for their community. Through a multi- stage, iterative process we inspire change by shifting mindsets and integrating transformative and regenerative design principles into your strategic approach, planning, and product development. We intend to create awareness of new ways of seeing and being in the world, rethinking the role of travel and tourism, and equipping destination stakeholders with frameworks and tools to foster transformational travel in life-affirming, resilient communities.

Our 9-12 month transformative learning process includes a series of interviews, inquiries, virtual gatherings, two in-person workshops, and ongoing contemplative practices to learn, share, and collaborate with a LOGICAL 5-PHASE PROCESS:

  1. ONBOARDING (preparation): Setting the participants up for their learning journey
  2. INTROSPECTION (theory): Opening our minds, hearts, and will
  3. BRIDGING (experiential): Let go to let come through “Connecting to Source”
  4. EXPANSION (design): Crystallizing and Prototyping
  5. INTEGRATION (implementation): Performing in destination & reflecting back



Stakeholders are unified through a transformative process and in their approach to building capacity, sustainable destination management, development, and marketing. Destinations can expect to benefit from active involvement in defining Regenerative Tourism Principles for Destinations, development of a strategic action plan through an inclusive, stakeholder-driven process, and a license to use the TTC’s curriculum to scale up transformational travel offerings among suppliers and host communities. Ultimately, become a TTC-Recognized Transformative Destination in the market and gain access to our community of +350 Allies and global events.

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