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There is a new desire to change how Island County's third-largest industry interacts with the people living on the islands.

To Improve:

  • The Lives of Residents

  • The Visitor Experience

  • The Nature of the Islands

In some places around the world, tourism has resulted in overcrowding, increased stress on public services, and infrastructure and growing dissatisfaction among the people who live there.

Travel experiences have too often been commoditized, resulting in a diminished potential for genuine cross-cultural exchange between hosts and visitors.

Overtourism, the idea that a place is enduring too many visitors, and extractive tourism, the idea that a destination is being damaged by too many visitors, are concerns of every Destination Marketing Organization, including Whidbey and Camano Islands Tourism.

This portion of the tourism website explores Whidbey and Camano Island's efforts to tamp down the environmental impacts of tourism yet keep Island County's 3rd-largest industry vibrant.

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