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The Most Amazing Migration

By Jack Penland It’s the longest migration of any mammal  and some of it happens right here in Puget Sound. Each year gray whales travel about 12,000 miles in their round trip between the Gulf of Mexico and the Bearing Sea off Alaska.  They winter in Mexico and give birth to calves but head north to Alaska each summer to … Read More

Best Coffee is Island Coffee

When Seattle held a contest to find the region’s best coffee, the winners were from Coupeville.  They promptly named their coffee, “Seattle’s Best.” By Laura Hilton Throughout the world, Seattle is known as a coffee capital, thanks largely to that famous mermaid. But locals know it’s the whole Pacific Northwest region that roasts a mean bean, and in fact some … Read More

The Hour After Westerly

When a man who revels in timeliness and predictability loses an hour and finds a mystery, it produces a haunting puzzle about what might have been. That’s “The Hour After Westerly” a short film mostly shot on Whidbey Island. For a limited time, it’s available online.

The Oak Harbor Garry Oaks

When you walk among the oak trees that dominate Smith Park in Oak Harbor, you can’t help but feel you’re among some very old living things.  The 150 or so Garry Oaks in the park predate the town, and, yes, the town was named after the trees. Once There Were Thousands of Trees Garry Oaks were on Whidbey Island in … Read More

Mt. Baker looms over the marina in Oak Harbor

Get Lost Here

Whidbey and Camano Islands are great for a drive without a map because you eventually reach the water, or the main highway.