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Lodging Styles For Every Adventure

From world-class B&B’s and hotels to campgrounds, old-school fishing camps and even a yurt, you can find the perfect way to escape to Whidbey and Camano Islands.

Infographic poster showing the impact of art on Whidbey and Camano Islands

Your Inner Artist Will Be Inspired on Whidbey and Camano Islands

Whidbey and Camano Islands provide a canvas for all things art. Blame it on the beautiful surroundings, the lush farmlands, verdant forests and forever seascapes. Or, blame it on the fact that Whidbey and Camano islands sit only miles north of Seattle and its community of art lovers. You can spend several days here just visiting galleries, shops, and artist … Read More

Why a Fall or Winter Visit Will Make Memories

You’ve done it again, haven’t you? You worked right through summer. The year’s half-over and you have a pile of vacation days. The phrase “use it or lose it” so applies to you that it hurts. You’re tempted to not worry about it, just lose them and like a few teams in sports, “wait until next year.” You’re making a … Read More

Posters for the 3 plays of 2019

Island Shakespeare Festival

July – September

The Island Shakespeare Festival 2019 features, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” “The Winter’s Tale,” and an adaptation of Dante’s “Inferno.”

Accessible Outdoor Adventures on Whidbey and Camano Islands

Above photo: The paved trail at Hoypus Point. Although we all hope to be active and robust throughout our lives, the reality is that many of us, at least temporarily, are going to need some help getting around. Unfortunately, as amazing as today’s mobility devices are, taking in nature requires a bit of advance planning and insider information. So, with … Read More

Whidbey Island – A Food Lover’s Paradise – South Whidbey

All too often we travel somewhere only to eat at restaurants that are very similar to what we have at home.  We’re torn between the desire for a new experience and the need to be comforted by the familiar. But what if you made food exploration the central idea of your trip?  Then, it doesn’t make any sense to head … Read More