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Kayaking Whidbey Island

Kayaking along the shore is like a slow stroll through the woods. It’s peaceful. You’re strolling the beach, just on water instead of land. You’re not going very fast, nor are you straying very far from land. You’re on the border between earth and ocean where wildlife thrive and nature is all around. For a beginner, or even an experienced … Read More

New Flights Mean Whidbey and Camano Islands Are Closer Than Ever

Oak Harbor just got a little closer to San Diego. Langley is now closer to San Francisco and travel time between Camano Island and Las Vegas is shorter than ever. No, there wasn’t a bump in the tectonic plates beneath the islands, but what did happen is of tectonic proportions, at least in terms of northwest travel. We’re talking about, … Read More

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Four Certified Exhilarating Hikes to Ease You into Spring

It’s been a long, cold, winter and we all know that you and your sofa are now better buddies than ever. But spring is coming and you’re going to want to get outside and be active. While it’s tempting to try to go straight into super-hero mode, it’s not very smart. Strained muscles, or at least sore muscles, are no … Read More

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Six Reasons Tourists Love Rural Farm Stays on Whidbey Island

Here are six of the best places to stay on Whidbey Island. These rural getaways pair a rural getaway with things like, horseback riding, a winery, farms, and even a vegan menu. They range from bed and breakfasts to expansive rooms in a farmhouse.