Cama Beach State Park

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    images: Michael Stadler

    Camano Island’s Cama Beach State Park is the re-birth of a family fishing resort that opened in the 1930’s and provided happy memories for countless families until 1989 when changing vacation patterns forced it to close.

    But, Instead of it being torn down and the land used for a super-expensive vacation resort the state now owns it.  The park includes 24 rustic beachside cabins, two beach bungalows, and boat rentals through the Center for Wooden Boats.

    As a state park, the resort has undergone a historically faithful and environmentally sensitive face lift that gives families the chance to spend a few days together on the waters of Puget Sound enjoying simple pleasures similar to what their parents or grandparents might have enjoyed years ago.

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    Address 1880 SW Camano Drive
    Camano Island
    United States
    Hours Daily 8:00 a.m. to Dusk