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    Discover Clinton
    Gateway to Whidbey Island

    As soon as you’re off the ferry, you’re in the community of Clinton. With shopping, farms to visit and restaurants in easy reach from the ferry, Clinton is an ideal stop for tourists and locals alike.
    Depending on which way you drive, Clinton is either your first taste of Whidbey as you drive off the ferry, or that last morsel of a getaway before returning to the mainland.

    The community straddles the highway, embracing you with restaurants and stores.

    A bit further off the highway, you’ll find the serene rural landscape that signifies Whidbey island. Wineries, gardens, and farms are often open for visitors, giving you the opportunity to sample the freshness of Clinton’s rural nature.

    The quiet roads call to cyclists, while beaches and boat ramps pull tourists back to the water that gives this island’s rural communities a distinct nautical accent.

    The open roads through some of the highest hills on the island are a great drive, and an excuse to roll down the windows and just enjoy an exploratory drive.

    Bed–and-breakfasts and seaside cottages make your lodging opportunities unique, personal and memorable.

    Clinton Chamber of Commerce

    Enjoy Clinton’s rural scenery. Bike along our country roads. Have lunch at a family-friendly roadhouse or a gourmet deli. Play at Don Porter Park. Taste wine at our award winning wineries . Meet alpacas at a fiber farm. Spend the night at a bed-and-breakfast. Play at the beach and enjoy artist studios tucked away in the countryside. There’s more to Clinton than meets the eye. Slow down and see what you can discover.

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