Double Bluff Beach

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Activity Category: Parks and Scenery and County Parks

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    Already known as one of the best beaches in Washington State, Double Bluff beach is also among the nation's best dog-friendly beaches. Right next to the parking lot there is a grassy area with picnic benches and a barbecue. There's also a "doggie shower" as well. The dogs must be on leash there, but further out, the leashes for well-behaved dogs are optional.
    Two women walk their dogs on Double Bluff Beach

    The beach is great fun for humans as well. The beach faces south and west, giving tremendous views of Admiralty Inlet, the busy shipping lanes, and the Olympic Mountains in the distance.

    Most days the western side of Whidbey Island as well as the Olympic Peninsula keep waves small and gentle. However, when the wind picks up, kite boarders can be seen taking advantage of the windy weather.

    This Island County Park is free, but parking is very limited.  Also, the beach to the east of the parking lot is all private property.

    King 5 presents Duke and Dan, a first person/camera exploration of Double Bluff Beach. Watch Video…
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    Address 6325 Double Bluff Rd
    United States