Film & Media Production - Guidelines and Expectations

It is the responsibility of the film/media production staff to assess whether a permit is required for your intended activities. Please review the permit information carefully. We request that you contact the film liaison whether a permit is required or not; or if you are unsure how to proceed. Permitted and unpermitted productions alike are expected to uphold the following rules and guidelines so as to protect our locals and the land. Thank you again for choosing Island County, and we hope you have a wonderful experience here!

Compulsory Requirements

  • Safety

    It is the responsibility of all filmmakers to ensure the safety of film participants, spectators, and the general public throughout all filming activities.

  • Respect

    It is the responsibility of all filmmakers to treat locations respectfully. This includes leaving property in the same or better condition (any improvements must be agreed upon by property manager) at completion of filming activities, as well as minimizing disruption to local citizens and businesses during filming activities.

  • Liability

    It is the financial responsibility of all filmmakers to address liability risk for the City, County, and general public. All filmmakers must adhere to local laws and policies.

Other Requirements and Expectations

  • Neighbor Notice

    Filmmakers will be expected to notify neighboring residents and businesses of filming activities, at least three days before activities commence.

  • Interference

    Filming activity must not interfere with normal City or County operations, unless arranged beforehand and stated in permit.

  • Damage

    Filming activity must not threaten or do damage to public property; nor may it increase fire risk. The necessity for the presence of fire services will be assessed upon review of the permit application.

  • Traffic

    Filming activity must not interfere with pedestrian or vehicle traffic, nor deny members of the public access to public spaces, unless prior approval has been granted and a permit obtained.

  • Business Impact

    If your production is expected to negatively impact a business’s revenue (this is only acceptable by prior arrangement with business owner), it is the responsibility of the filmmaker to negotiate fair compensation to be paid to the business owner. A letter of permission from the business owner should be included in the permit application, if a permit is required.

  • Private Property

    If filming on private property, a letter of permission must be obtained from the owner or manager of the property. Proper compensation should be paid to owner, as agreed upon between the production staff and the property owner. If a permit is required, this letter of permission should be included in application.

  • Seasonal Availability

    Due to the high volume of tourists to the islands, along with festivals, markets, and other special events happening throughout the year, some towns may not be able to accommodate productions during these busy times. Please work with local staff to find a suitable time frame or alternative location.

  • Pre-Production Meeting

    Since each production is unique, different logistical considerations will arise for each one. Depending on the scope and impact of a production, a meeting may be necessary between filmmakers and City and/or County staff. We are a close-knit community here with many resources. This friendly meeting should be advantageous to both sides.