Construction Alerts!

Clinton Ferry Dock
Passenger Pick Up Area
February, 2019 into summer, 2019

Washington’s DOT will be improving the passenger pick-up area at the Clinton Ferry Dock in the spring and early summer of 2019.  The changes are:

  • Widen Ferry Dock road so drivers no longer block the road when picking up or dropping off ferry customers.
  • Add a separate pick up and drop off zone, with a thru lane and pedestrian platform with a shelter and bench.
  • Improve sidewalks in the area and ensure that they are ADA compliant.
  • Include a new retaining wall on Columbia Beach drive.
Drive safely, watch for bicyclists, deer, and pedestrians.

Deception Pass Bridge Painting
Summer 2019 & Summer 2020

At 83 years old, the Deception Pass Bridge and Canoe Pass Bridge are looking really good!  But, it's time for a paint job.  So, starting in the summer of 2019, crews will be on the job and (mostly) under the bridge.  They'll be painting the bridge the same color it is now, Evergreen Green.

While this isn't expected to impact driving the bridges, there will be some changes.  According to the Washington Department of Transportation, they are:

  • •  Only one sidewalk available for those walking across the bridge.
  • •  Limited parking near the bridge
  • •  Tents will be hanging from the structure (to keep paint/debris from falling into the water).
  • •  Noise day and night for those who live in or visit the area.

Island County Paving Map

Drive safely, watch for bicyclists, deer, and pedestrians.