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Whidbey Island Garden Tour – June 18

There are gardens, and then there are those better described as living outdoor art galleries.  Each year a few of these extraordinary galleries are opened to the public for just one day. Privately-owned, these gardens exhibit fine craftsmanship, attention to detail, and a whole lot of hard work.

Explore Whidbey Island!

Explore Whidbey and Camano Islands and drink in Washington’s world-famous Puget Sound in the heart of the Salish Sea. We’re the “sea legs” of your Cascade Loop adventure. What better way to experience Puget Sound than by staying in the middle of it? Our islands provide the perfect place to settle in and create memories that will last a lifetime. … Read More

The Cascade Loop

Great restaurants, great art, and authentic Pacific Northwest vistas await you when the weather here turns cold.

Three glass balls are on the ground with a crowd of people in the background behind a starting line.

Langley’s Sea Float Scramble

It’s the annual mad dash for the glass at Langley’s Seawall Park. The new year is marked with a traditional scramble for 200 attractive glass balls made at Langley’s Callahan’s Firehouse. It’s a chance to get out and have a little fun, and maybe come home with a prize. In 2016 a new location is being added, the city park … Read More

Oak Harbor, Playground of the Pacific Northwest

Rowing and running, kite boarding and paddle boarding, yoga and… well anything outside.  That’s Oak Harbor.  With three state parks nearby along with several regional and city parks, Oak Harbor invites you to come and play outside.  See the Oak Harbor Chamber website for more.

English Boom

It’s a park where nature is slowly taking back signs of human activity. Years ago the English Lumber Company stored tree logs here, a facility called a “boom.” Portions of the storage facility still stick up out of the water.