A visitor to Whidbey and Camano Islands is often dazzled by the range of textures, both human and natural, to be found here, and this is not lost on Coupeville photographer M. Denis Hill.  He says that, “One of the things that I’m always looking for is the texture in the scene,” when he hunts for the perfect landscape photograph.

“Sometimes I get one shot and I’m done and sometimes I really have to work a scene (for several) minutes and up to an hour” for that “wow” moment.

Hill suggests that tourists visiting the islands will get more from their visit if they ask around a little, saying, “We really love to share the beauty of the place (and) it will really reveal some of the nuances of Whidbey and Camano Islands.”

Hill’s work has captured some of the most iconic photographs now used for promoting the region. His work can be seen at several galleries and other locations on Whidbey Island sometimes under his business name of Whidbey Panoramas.

Video produced by FusionSpark Media. Inc.

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