Whidbey Scenic Isle Way
Deception Pass - Photographer: Andy Porter

Whidbey Scenic Isle Way

In the center of Puget Sound there is an island that harkens back to a simpler America; small towns with shops side by side on a seaside main street.  Ferries busy themselves with people traveling to work or play.  Farms, some in the same families for a hundred years, some with an ocean view, are tenderly, if not fanatically tended.

A bustling small city, proud to be a patriotic military town, anchors one end, a thriving artistic village the other, and a town steeped in Puget Sound history anchoring the middle.  Wineries, small shops, galleries, fine, casual and al fresco dining await the traveler along with memorable places to stay.

This is Whidbey Island.  Come, “Escape It All” and explore.


The road at Ebey's Landing is a perfect side road for your drive.
Image Courtesty: WhidbeyPanoramas.com

One day it happens. The car you use for that daily commute is somehow off course. You’re doing it! It’s a road trip on Whidbey Scenic Isle Way!

Drive it and you’ll get a camera full of moments. Stop a few times and you’ll get a weekend or even a week worth of memories.

Those who do the drive, even residents who commute, find that there’s this moment, maybe on the ferry, maybe Deception Pass, or somewhere else, where you feel you’ve escaped to somewhere special.

But, to really see why this was designated a scenic highway, you’ll have to slow down, make a few turns, stop, and get out.

While in the summer festivals happen nearly every weekend, it’s the cooler months where the island becomes really special. A March night at a romantic bed and breakfast can make you feel like the city is several days away, not a couple of hours.

From farms to beaches, historic downtowns, shopping, galleries, and dining, relaxation options abound.

Whidbey Island was the first island in Washington State designated as a scenic byway and is part of the Cascade Loop, a road trip through the islands and mountains of scenic Western Washington.

A small island is partially obscured by fog.

Fog surrounds Goat Island to the east of Whidbey Island

Whenever you come, pencil in some time for that unplanned, “I wonder what we’ll find when we turn here,” moment. No, you won’t find a picture perfect moment with every turn you make, even when you’re traveling a scenic highway. But, you might, and maybe you should just go find out.

Isn’t that the idea of a road trip?

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