Whale Watching from Land

Whale Watching

Whale watching is a favorite activity in and around Puget Sound.  While we have wonderful boat tours that give you a great perspective, sometimes the whales’ schedule don’t exactly match tour schedules.

A gray whale fin sticks out of the water. Beachside homes are in the background.

Gray whales, which are here each spring, often feed on ghost shrimp a short distance from shore.

Orca Network This map, produced for the Orca Network by Thorsten Lisker and Alisa Lemire Brooks  is a great way to find the best spots on land for seeing whales.  Even if you don’t see whales, these locations are just a great place to see Puget Sound and enjoy some spectacular views. The best place online to learn where whales have been recently spotted is at the Facebook Page for the Orca Network.
Click on the icons for additional information. To turn off icons or to see what they mean, click the icon to the left of “Orca Network Whale Sighting View Points.”

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