3 Whidbey Island Drives with water views to make everyone say "wow."

3 Drives On Whidbey Island That You Just Can’t Miss

by Jack Penland

As you’re looking for nearby things to do where you can stay safe and yet still explore your backyard, remember that the traditional idea of “going for a drive” can result in some pretty amazing experiences.

There’s beauty in every turn on Whidbey and Camano Islands.  From beautiful beaches and scenic mountains to the rural ambiance and forest drives, the views are perfect for chasing away big city stress.

But, what about the best of the best?  Where are the drives that will make you say “wow!”

To get you started, we present three drives you just have to take.  Are there others?  Sure, and tastes differ.  But, by taking these three, you have made a great start in finding the best views we have to offer.

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    Drive 1 - Ebey's Landing

    You’re driving through farm country on a quiet country road.  But things change quickly as first you enter a small forest and then take a dramatic hard right turn.  You burst out of the woods to realize you’re at the top of a large bluff with a beautiful view of Admiralty Inlet.  The road takes you down the bluff to sea level and Ebey’s Landing.  A half-mile later you take a hairpin turn up a slight hill and you’re back on the prairie that has been farm country for 100+ years.

    With the ocean on one side and farm country on the other, this stretch of road has been a favorite for television producers wanting to show off cars.  The hair-pin turn is just the place to get that dramatic fast-moving car shot every commercial and action show must have.  There’s a small state park and the “other” bluff is one of the island’s best-loved hikes.

    Learn More About Ebey's Landing!

    This area has some of the oldest homes in the region.  It's actually a National Reserve to preserve the rural nature of the region.  It's part of the National Park Service.

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    Drive 2 - West Beach

    We’re giving away a “locals-only” secret with this one.  But at the north end of Whidbey Island along the west side of the island is a road naturally called “West Beach.”  For this one, roll down the windows, and open up the convertibles because this is a wind in your hair kind of drive.  With the ocean and beach homes on one side of you and a small lake on the other, you enjoy a remarkable moment where your cares get whipped away in the wind.

    But, don’t forget to stop and take in the view.  There are small parking areas at either end of the scenic stretch that are perfect for taking in a sunset!

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    Drive 3 – Deception Pass

    No list of scenic drives is complete without Deception Pass.  The two bridges span this sea canyon about 180 feet above the water.  The view from the bridges is awe-inspiring, even for long time area residents!  It’s a busy bridge and the driver needs to keep their eyes on the traffic.  So, do everyone a favor and park, then walk out on the bridge and really take in the view.  Remember, there’s much more to Deception Pass State Park than this view, so budget some time for a jet boat tour with Deception Pass Tours, take a hike or at least a drive to Cranberry Lake or Bowman Bay and enjoy the views from there.

    This venerable bridge is being repainted in 2020 and there’s a big canvas wrapping on parts of the bridge as they catch the sandblasting before it gets in the water.  So, it’s not as photogenic as usual, but when you’ve been in Northwest weather for 75 years, you need an occasional paint job!

    Learn More About Deception Pass

    Deception Pass State Park is Washington's most popular state park.  With its many trails, lakes, historic structures, campsites, and of course, the bridges, Deception Pass is worthy of a several-day stay!


    Need detailed information on where to drive?  See the PDF!

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