Clouds over Crockett Lake

Summer’s Last Hurrah

A three-day weekend and it’s back to work, school, and summer’s in the rear-view mirror. But, are we just too willing to let an arbitrary date lower the curtain on summer?

by Jack Penland

Unlike other seasons, we give summer a last moment; a hurrah, a wave goodbye to an old friend. Yet, like a guest who has stayed too long, we rush him out the door with a three-day festival and then…gone.

We then pick up our cares, restart the duties of school and careers, and move on.

But, summer is not yet through. Yes, many nights will soon have a chill and more days will have rain and cooler temperatures.

But, there will still be days filled with summer afterglow and nights that are filled with stars.

Morning light reflects off moored boats.

Morning light reflects off moored boats.


No, you can’t count on them.  Not so that your are sure enough to plan things five days in advance, but they’ll be there, anyway.

September, maybe even October, will have a dozen or so days each that are better suited for decks than desks, s’mores not seminars, and beaches, not boardrooms.

The driven among us of course, won’t notice. Heck, the driven didn’t notice summer.

But, the little bit of Bohemian in us will take note, will for a moment embrace the late summer warmth.

And, in feeling the sun, maybe the adventurous part of us will come out.

“Sure it could rain, but it could be sunny, too. Either way, we win!”

Maybe there’s one more getaway, a couple of days off and a weekend cobbled together for a road-trip adventure.

Maybe, just maybe, this is the year to, for just a few days, let the Bohemian in you out to play.

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