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At the Penn Cove Mussels MuseFest tent, you see two hands. One is holding a bowl and the other is pouring a spoonful of mussels into it

Serving up a steaming bowl of mussels in the Penn Cove Mussels Tent at MusselFest

Ahead of MusselFest

With MusselFest coming up, KIRO Radio’s weekend cooking show with super-chef Tom Douglas takes us to Penn Cove for, what else? Penn Cove Mussels.  Tina Noel talks with Penn Cove Mussels co-owner Raul Jefferds and heads out on a boat to get an up-close look at the operation.  You’ll hear how they create homes for mussels using weighted ropes hanging in the water.  “There’s so many reasons that mussels are special,” Jeffords explains.  The big reason, he says is that they are, “more tender and sweeter” than other mussels.  For the rest, listen to Tina Nole’s interview with Jeffords.

KIRO Radio My Northwest Tom Douglas

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And, if you want to see our video all about MusselFest and Penn Cove Mussels, including underwater footage of them in their “home,” be sure to see that too.

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