Hints of a Special Sunset

When the afternoon clouds and sun show promise of a pretty sunset, islanders are out to play.

by Jack Penland

On one particular sunny winter Sunday, the high thin clouds hinted at a special sunset. Camera and I chose South Whidbey State park and a bluff trail marked “Easy.” Indeed, the trail was mostly level and one I’d recommend to those testing the idea of outdoor walks.

South Whidbey State Park DSC_6083

But, the setting sun instantly distracted me by spotlighting all the things around me with that golden glow of the “Golden Hour.” Ferns and mosses were a vibrant green, and dared me to try to get an adequate image. “Do I include the sun?” “Maybe down on one knee?”

Another photographer was using the sun as a spotlight as she photographed, I think, her parents. I think I accidentally ruined one shot and apologized as I went by. Later I thought maybe my photographing her shooting photos of her parents might have been a good idea.

Possession Sound Sunrise DSC_61421

I turned my attention back to the sun. I wanted trees in the photo. Water, of course would be in this island image, but the trees are characters of these old-growth woods.

After hiking back and forth, I found my spot less than a minute’s walk from the parking lot. It’s at a bench where earlier a man was on his cell phone and what sounded like a very serious business call. He had left, so I took his place.

I kind of doubt he was there because the high thin clouds had hinted at a special sunset.

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