Deception Pass seen from the top of a 200 foot tree

L.A. Times Tells Readers About a Whidbey Island Weekend

by Jack Penland

First, it was area chefs on Los Angeles radio, now it's the Los Angeles Times! Travel writer Brian Clark brought his son to the island and takes us through his Whidbey-style weekend.

We've heard that many people in L-A call visits like this, "going to nature."  And that's what Clark & son did with a Southern California's view of our island!

Woman looks up at the big gun at Fort Casey.

They stayed at the Fort Casey Inn and visited Fort Casey, tried mussels at Toby's and pizza at Ciao in Coupeville.

But the highlight might have been the tree-climbing at Deception Pass. As one who has done it, I think Clark nailed it by describing the climb more as awkward than hard.  You can read more about this unique adventure here.

The article is a great overview of a quick visit to the island, but he has some great advice for those wanting a quick visit, come during the week and skip those long ferry lines.

I can add that mid-week visits can also get you a wider selection of places to stay and better chance of finding a room in the most popular places to stay.

Taking it a step further, Brian's advice goes double for those shoulder-season months.  An April or May stay might give you a few more spring showers than summer, but because we're in the rain shadow of the Olympic Mountains, we don't get the full force like Seattle does.

Same goes with the fall, where a rainy day in nature is just somehow better than a raining day in a concrete-lined city.

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