Only Humbled

I put this first on our Facebook page, but I wanted to share these thoughts about the people around Oso here, as well. And, I wanted to encourage you to plan a visit there when the time is right.

by Jack Penland

The tragic landslide this weekend remind us that nature is both beautiful and terrible, and leave us humbled. We pray, we search, and we hope. Eventually we tweak our computer models, measure and meet. But, we endure.

Today, the people there need your help, and donations to the Red Cross are easy to make and need to be done. But, in the months to come, they’ll need something else to avoid a second disaster: your commerce. Remember that farms will have meat and produce to sell, stores and artists will have their wares and crafts, and restaurants and lodging will have tables and beds.

So now, even as you donate, even as the headlines threaten to get worse, when things settle down, maybe this summer, maybe this fall, consider visiting Oso and the surrounding towns and help them show that the human spirit can be humbled, but not broken.

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