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KIRO Radio – The Orchard Kitchen

All About Crab “Buy live crab…that’s the only way you know that it’s fresh,” says chef Vincent Natress.  It’s the first of many insights Natress offers KIRO’s Tina Noel in this interview that foodies will love.  Noel was one of a handful of people taking a cooking class to learn the ins and outs of how to dispatch, then prepare crab … Read More

Oak Harbor’s Military History Commands the Visitor’s Attention

Recently named best in the world by the U.S. Navy, Naval Air Station Whidbey Island (NASWI) in Oak Harbor has a significant influence on this small but bustling town’s diverse population.
As many as 5,000 sailors are stationed here at time, and its a base that is often requested—and no wonder.

Hiking and Walking Oak Harbor

Oak Harbor offers visitors many opportunities to explore their travel interests, from fine dining and shopping to military history and whale watching. What Oak Harbor may not be known for —but should be— is hiking and walking. There are several options for every activity level, from avid hikers to family strolls, and dogs are welcome on treks.

Young Girl standing on a log with her arms outstretched

Research: Vacations with your kids build their brains

Escape!  The word conjures visions of putting the stress, cares and responsibility away, even if just for a while.  But for children, it can be a time for growth and building a tighter family bond. Now, a child psychotherapist and director of London’s “Centre for Child Mental Health” says there’s scientific evidence that vacation time can be a major period of … Read More

KIRO Radio – About Penn Cove Mussels

KIRO Radio’s weekend cooking show with Tom Douglas takes us to Penn Cove for, what else? Penn Cove Mussels.
KIRO’s Tina Noel talks with Penn Cove Mussels co-owner Raul Jefferds and heads out on a boat to get an up-close look at the operation.

Abandoned smokehouse at Possession Point

A Perfectly Imperfect Day’s Walk

It was an impulse. It was winter and the day was far from perfect for playing outside, but that’s the thing about impulses, they often involve a willful disregard for facts.

Chasing Penn Cove “Mussel Madness”

What makes Whidbey Island so special? Is it the feeling of being away from it all? The journey to get there (you may drive to the ferry and ride on)? The many water views and beaches? The feeling of a slower pace and small town values? Or the plethora of fresh food ? I think it is a magical combination of these attributes that makes this place so unique.