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The red barn of Greenbank Farm with the water in the background

Greenbank Farm

Island artists co-operative Visit Website… Specialty foods and gifts Find on Facebook Regional wines, ciders, and more Visit Website… Regional Art and Artisan Crafts Visit Website… Pies and a full lunch menu Visit Website Home Furnishings Visit Website… Sunrise from the farm’s walking trails. Sunrise from the farm’s walking trails. The barn is the site of many community events. The … Read More

Deception Pass Bridge

Canopy Tree Climbing

Here’s your chance to see Deception Pass as only the birds have seen it—from the top of a giant fir tree. Experienced guides will show you how to climb your way to the top using the same climbing techniques mountain climbers do.

Three people skipping stones into the water

A Great Idea to Sharpen Your Mind

Researchers are finding that getting out in nature can sharpen your mind, reduce stress, and help you focus in work. All great reasons to schedule some vacations outside that big city you’re working in.

Our Best Beach This Month – Driftwood Park

It had been cloudy and a bit drizzly all day, the kind of day where Pacific Northwest gray pushed through your coat and found that spot that gives you chills. Warm light was something that would need to be manufactured today. But, the end of the day would be different.

Camp Casey on Whidbey Island is a Stargazer’s Treat

The best stargazing locations are away from the city lights, where the dark sky offers millions of stars to view. Even though the weather is more predictable on the east side of the Cascade Mountains, the west side offers premier locations too. Camp Casey on Whidbey Island is one such premier location.

Sailboats on Penn Cove

Welcome to the Real Walton Island

In the movie “Lost and Found” two boys are sent for the summer to their uncle on a remote island – Walton Island.  They find adventure and a bit of danger as they hunt for a family treasure.  While Walton Island is fiction, the inspiration for that island is very real. It’s Whidbey Island.  The movie’s creator, Joseph Itaya, grew … Read More

Man walking barefoot with dog on Double Bluff Beach

Dog – Friendly Locations

Thinking of bringing your dog along with you visit? Here’s a list of the best things to do with your dog on Whidbey Island and Camano Island.

Art and Artists

The Whidbey Working Artists have their summer open studio tour showing their work, their place, and where the artist and the art are one.

Farm to Table

There are more Farm to Table Events around here than ever! It’s an authentic food experience (and a great party) that you don’t want to miss! Here’s the most complete list we could find, but if you know of more, please let us know!