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Abandoned smokehouse at Possession Point

A Perfectly Imperfect Day’s Walk

It was an impulse. It was winter and the day was far from perfect for playing outside, but that’s the thing about impulses, they often involve a willful disregard for facts.

Chasing Penn Cove “Mussel Madness”

What makes Whidbey Island so special? Is it the feeling of being away from it all? The journey to get there (you may drive to the ferry and ride on)? The many water views and beaches? The feeling of a slower pace and small town values? Or the plethora of fresh food ? I think it is a magical combination of these attributes that makes this place so unique.

Camano Island Coffee Roasters: In the Business of Changing Lives

Tucked inside the Camano Island Marketplace is a seemingly humble business, a coffee roaster. But this business, appropriately named Camano Island Coffee Roasters, has a worldwide impact, one that is changing lives through one small coffee bean farm at a time.

zucchini and tomatoes at a farmers market

Garlic and Farmers Market Shopping

Shopping at a farmers market is a way to gain control of what you eat because there’s an attention to craft and a better understanding of the product. Even shopping for a simple and universal thing like garlic can turn into a learning experience at a farmers market.

Sunrise at Seawall Park

Our Best Beach This Month – Seawall Park

Early morning is a good time to hear the rhythms of nature and Langley’s Seawall Park is a great place to do just that. That’s why it’s our Best Beach This Month.

Sculptor Georgia Gerber works on giant clay ducks.

Artist Portrait: Georgia Gerber

Georgia Gerber specializes in whimsical sculptures from singing ducks to Langley’s boy and dog. Her most famous piece is the pig at Pike Place Market.

Several sculptures in the Matzke outdoor gallery

The Gallery in the Woods

The 10 acre outdoor sculpture display at the Matzke Fine Art Gallery on Camano island is part park, and part gallery. Nestled along the beautifully groomed Northwest foliage, you’ll find works of art from some of the regions top artists.

Deception Pass State Park

Deception Pass State Park spans the gap between Whidbey Island and Fildalgo Island. At 4,134 acres, the park has 14.6 miles of saltwater shoreline, three lakes, and 35 miles of trails.